A New Thing: Email Newsletter

Hi –

I’ve decided to try out having an email newsletter.  You can sign up for it HERE.

This is a bit of an experiment….so bear with me!  I’m planning to send this out once per month on the last day of the month.  Don’t worry, I won’t share your email with anyone else or spam you.  You can count on it….I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THAT NONSENSE!

Things you might expect to be included:

  • A summary of anything particularly interesting that has happened during the month.
  • Summary of any YouTube videos we’ve uploaded to our “Sandra & Dave” channel.
  • Links to other things we share on various social media.
  • Photos
  • Artwork & Creations we may offer for sale.
  • Recipes, Links, Products, and anything we think is interesting/good enough to share.

There will be an option to unsubscribe on each an every newsletter.  So you can do that anytime and I’ll take you off the list ASAP.

I reserve the right to decide NOT to let someone sub and also to kick anyone off the newsletter anytime for any reason.

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