Future Farm Projects

Completion of the Fence is the priority right now.  We might have been much farther along on that project, but mother nature has been an intervention.  Too much wind….now rain.

But- only a bit more welding to do.  Dave has a gate to make and I have four more 2′ holes to dig.  Not a big deal…won’t take long.  After those bits are done…we can start to actually put the fence UP.

Since I have planted some beans and spinach in the garden, the chickens may have to spend a few days contained if those start to come up before the fence is completed.  Ce la vie chickens.

After the fence- I’m going to take some of the old rail road ties that are lying around and make a compost bin.  Eventually I want to create a 3 bin system…so we have a couple of piles in different stages.  All in good  time.

Yesterday Dave & I measured out the perimeter of our tentative house plan.  We pounded in some stakes and put up string so we could visualize the positioning.  We are looking at a length of 35 feet with five foot of that being a porch running the width of the house at 30 feet.  900 square foot of house + 150 square foot screened porch.

Soon we’ll be looking for reclaimed materials to use as building supplies.  It is highly likely that we’ll be going with the straw bale in-fill construction.

We have begun the process of drawing our plans to scale.  It is tedious work…but very necessary in order to know exactly what we’re building.  We are even measuring some of our current furniture in order to see how everything will fit in.

A plan is forming.

A greenhouse is also on our “to do” list.  Nothing fancy…but rather a utilitarian work greenhouse for starting plants and keeping things going in winter.

The following are some pictures from the greenhouse Dave & I built when we lived in Wisconsin.  That was a very nice sun-pit style greenhouse attached to a walk-out basement.  What fun I had in there!

Sunpit greenhouse we built.

Pretty leafy

Pretty leafy

Green cherry tomato

Green cherry tomatoGreenhouse Tomatos- YUMO


Spider- or airplane plant

Spider- or airplane plant


Hanging basket

Hanging basket



These are just a few of our future intentions…..

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