Terence McKenna Hairdo

The bigger you build the bonfire, the more darkness is revealed. – Terence McKenna

Eggs from our chickens.

Today the female goats in a neighboring pasture met up at the fence with our billy goat Conky.   The fence kept him from his lady loves but now he’s ramped up all his billy goat behavior:   peeing on his face, making goofy sounds, and tongue flapping.  Goat love….or rather lust….was in the air.

Built the roof for our new well house.  It’s going to be a hinged, shed roof.  That way we can open it to access the well.   On Monday, we’ll buy the hardware we need to attach it.

My haircut adventure went well.  I like my new do.

The lady who cut my hair was nice.   It was my first time there.  The salon is inside a small remodeled house.  There were a few ladies who looked to be in their 70s waiting for their turn.  I was a big hit seeing as how I was getting over 8″ of hair chopped off.  People in beauty salons always like to watch “dramatic” hairdo changes.

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