Chris Hedges & I Can’t Go Along The Way It’s Going

Yall ever hear of Chris Hedges?  I appreciate his skill in discussing various societal issues.  Hedges has provided me with thought-provoking information.

Here’s a link to him talking about “The Myth of Human Progress and the Collapse of Complex Societies”.

If you’d like to stretch your thinking I recommend his talks on YouTube.  Also his books and essays.  

I seek truth and I desire to build a better view of reality.  I’m drawn to this seeking like a moth to a flame…..or as Chris Hedges puts it, “the molten pit”.  It has burned me and changed me.  The experience has not been without pain and suffering.  Perhaps that’s why delusion is popular and many people have an aversion to harsh reality.

In case you missed it here’s one of our elected people showing his true colors.  Not really nice behavior to see from a person theoretically in a leadership position.

And now for something that both makes me happy and sad….Story about a guy that planted a forest.  On the one hand, it’s uplifting to see the power of what one human can do.  On the other hand, it seems the number of people who care and are motivated enough to do similarly is low.  India’s forest man has done more for the world than Barack Obama would ever be willing to do.

State of the Union address…..It met my expectations..which are low. He didn’t give an honest assessment of the state of the union.  It’s really time to look at all the bad stuff instead of congratulating ourselves on economic gluttony and greatness.  I feel tired watching these figureheads being relied upon as the instigators of anything good or decent.  My trust in offices of government is gone.  I’m there.

How long can the screened, indulged reality of the first world nations last?  We are at war and losing our liberty by the day.  We’ve traded it for a consumerist society.  We’ve invested in our greed and not in our honor, wisdom, nor strength.

I  can’t go along in my heart with old traditions robbed of their honor.  My values aren’t supported by the consumption I’m encouraged to partake of.  I value honesty and health, but the products for sale and the nature of how we conduct our lives are disrespectful to life.  Too much of what is considered normal is the anthesis to life and health.  Humans in first world nations have a choice about how to live.  Tragically we choose without wisdom.

I feel the civilization may have painted itself into a corner.  We can’t fix the mistakes we’ve made nor avoid the consequences.  It’s over the tipping point.

I think my quest is to do my best to get my spirit healthy.

Young lettuces in my garden.



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