Eating off the Land



First squirrel into the stew pot.

I liked it.  The Other Half liked it.  Worth repeating?  Definitely.

How I cooked it:

  • Chopped the body into four pieces.
  • Browned these pieces in pre-heated coconut oil.
  • Added water.  Simmered for 2 hrs.
  • After 2 hrs in went carrots.
  • When the carrots were almost done I added onions, minced garlic greens, about 2 Tablespoons of minced jalapeno, & Salt + Black Pepper.
  • Threw in frozen peas at the end.

The meat was falling off the bones.  The broth was excellent.

I shared that I’d eaten squirrel with some people.  Immediately safety concerns were brought up.  There was talk of giving the carcass a flea bath before cleaning it.  The plague was mentioned.

(Culture of fear???)

Anyway….YES of course.  Safety.

Maybe I should mention something here about that for those who might be inspired to feast on the squirrel in their yard.

  1. Is the animal healthy, alert, acting like a normal squirrel?  If you don’t know what is normal for a squirrel maybe you should learn more about them before you eat one.
  2. Hey…it’s up to you to handle and process the meat safely.  Use clean tools.  Work on/in a clean area.  Take care to keep the meat out of contact with things like dirt, feces, urine.  This means having some finesse when you take the insides out.
  3. INSPECT:  Remember that high school biology class where you did a dissection on some creature??  Well….cutting something up to eat it is similar and you should pay attention.  Closely examine the animal.  Does it have fleas?  Other skin issues?  Does it appear sickly in any way?  When you open up the body check out how the organs look.  See anything weird?  (It’s up to you to know what healthy innards look like!  Do your research!)

People die and/or get sick from eating things.  It happens.  Try not to let it happen to you.


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