Noble Work

If work were so pleasant, the rich would keep it for themselves. 

(Mark Twain)

In my small-town Texas, USA upbringing I was taught work was the noble cause.  Being a hard worker for society is good.  You are contributing to our human endeavor. 

I don’t find it to be that simple.

There are different kinds of work and different kinds of hard.

I’d like to work in balance with my true needs.  I prefer not to be destructive over and beyond what is necessary to be alive and healthy.  I don’t see how I can achieve that without rethinking my consumption.  It feels like I need to change my habits and thinking about consumption. 

Another thought: 

Buying less results in more freedom in the kind of work I can do.  Unpaid work has value too.  I haven’t figured out how to exist in this world without money.  I feel revulsion towards capitalism for its serious flaws.  But I also desire purchasing power because of the context in which I live.   I wonder though, do we really need an endless reward in order to do good work?

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