A Month Off – MOVED Into the Straw Bale House

I’m back after a month off.

I  accomplished a lot during the blog hiatus.

We are officially living inside the straw bale house now.  It’s beyond wonderful.

No more living with a cold wind blowing through the walls.  No more sharing our space with all manner of insects, rodents, and reptiles.  We are OUT of the old farmhouse for good!

In the straw bale house, we’ve created a temporary kitchen and bathroom sink.  Making due with a few shelves screwed to the wall for food, dishes, and such.  We will be finishing the inside while we live in it.

Many of our belongings are still being stored in a room in the old house.  Having most of your possessions stacked up in one room offers perspective on how much crap we (still) have.  When I go in there I think….”this is TOO much.”  I just don’t want to engage with all this stuff.  I plan to continue to downsize the possessions…..something I’ve already been doing for a few years.  (I can’t believe all the crap we use to have before I started down the minimizing/simplifying road.)

Today we executed two chickens.  A few hens are getting old and no longer lay eggs  The chickens are tough as nails even after you slow cook them FOREVER.  So we make dog food.  Yes….our two mongrels eat well.  We stopped feeding them industrial dog chow quite awhile ago.

Deer season opens this weekend.  So the population of the county will probably be double normal.  I’m a bit on guard knowing so many humans are running around the woods with guns.  Unfortunately, there’s no IQ or basic reasoning test required in order to play around with guns.

We hope to harvest a couple of deer.  Enough to fill our freezer.  That’ll last us at least a year.   We don’t eat a lot of meat….and currently only what we or someone we know processes.  We prefer not to support factory animal raising and processing.

How bout that rageaholic judge who got videotaped whipping his teenage daughter with a belt (for like six minutes whilst verbally assaulting her as well)?  I bet he’s a self-proclaimed Christian.  This type of thing happens a lot.  I stopped watching.  He shouldn’t be a judge.  Too bad people on ego trips often gravitate to jobs where they have power over others.


Here’s a link to videos about the strawbale house.


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