No Coffee Experiment

We continue harvesting greens from the garden.  We couldn’t survive off the yield but a meal here and there with fresh produce grown a 30-second walk from the kitchen is awesome.  Breakfast today is garden chard with eggs from our chickens + grocery store tators and onions.

I’m on day five of no coffee.  Instead, I snip leaves off mint plants and make a tea every morning.  I love coffee.  But I must be getting too old for 6 cups a day!  My guts have sent me hints that I ought to cut back.  I thought I’d see what effect a total break from it would be like.

The first 3 days were hellish.  Headaches!!  The mint tea helped (mint gives relief for headaches).  Also, I felt sluggish.  I took a mid-day nap the second day.  I do not normally nap.

Today (day 5)……I have no headache and all gut upset is gone.  When I resume coffee (you didn’t think I was giving it up forever did you?)  I’m going to drink it black, daily two cup max.

In the afternoon, we drove into town.  It was bustling.  Hunting season busyness.  I had to wait in line for 8 minutes at the grocery store.  Normally unheard of.

We saw (and smelled) the biggest pile of guts we’ve ever encountered.  WHAT?  Let me explain.  Goat and sheep ranching are a big part of the economy here.  There are two goat slaughtering/meat processing facilities in town.  Apparently today was the day a semi-truck came for the accumulated guts.  We happened to drive past while they were loading up.  The trailer was overflowing resulting in gut piles in the road.  Oh my god, the smell!!!!  People’s houses across the street.  It’s a nasty thing to behold at such a large scale.  I can’t imagine anyone would want to have such a thing next door to where they live.  Even with the windows rolled down the odor lingered in the car for  10 blocks.

This morning Dave and I talked about our future. There’ve been people problems that are concerning and we’re getting a bit bored.  Maybe it’s time for a change.

Keeping to routines and well-laid paths can be comfortable.  But I need to balance that with the adventure and challenges.  I always hope to direct things in a positive way….but the risk of suffering is always there.  I’d like to think that the suffering ALSO can result in making progress as a human being.  The work of change is worth it in order to grow towards the light.

We’re only talking now…but considering other adventures.  Maybe selling this place.  Selling off everything.  Be nomads. Live in a van or camper. Wander more of the earth.  Find a more remote place….go off-grid?… in a yurt…a sailboat,  other countries  ????  Who knows.

I’d sure like to see more of this earth.  I’d also like to create more art.  Be inspired by new and beautiful experiences.  And have more time to take care of myself and surroundings in a healthy way.

I don’t expect anything and I’m ready for anything…

Oh…and it’s also my dad’s birthday.

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