Sack The Next Farm Please

“Also it is commonly believed that happiness depends upon leisure; for we occupy ourselves so that we may have leisure, just as we make war so that we may live in peace. ”  (Aristotle. Ethics. book X,vii)

I don’t think humans have changed much in the time since we’ve been writing stuff down.   We have the same Paleomammalian brain.  Remove the industrial accouterments and see how quickly we’re back to clubbing each other in the head with heavy objects.  I’d prefer to continue on in my little Eden.  Do you think if the shit hits the fan I can hang a “neutral” sign on the gate and explain that I’m not interested in the plight and drama of mankind, move on to sacking the next farm please…. and I’ll be left in peace?

“The first thing man did after discovering fire was warm himself by it.  The second thing he did was throw someone into it.” – Dave Begotka

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