Month: March 2020


ME On YouTube

Hi. Can you help me?  Would you be willing to go subscribe to my YouTube Channel?  – it’s under my name:  Sandra Begotka  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Muchas Gracias! You may already know I work on another channel:  Sandra and Dave.  It’s been around for years and is going on 500 videos as of this posting. […]

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Experimental Words

The Memory

Call me up in memory, Whenever you want to feel What remains of the days, When we were those people we used to be. Maybe I will see you there, In the foggy zone between dreams and waking. When the now gets quiet, And reality melts to liquidity. Allowing us to visit in that spaceless […]

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Living In Mexico During The Pandemic

Dave and I are in Mexico.  We’ve been here since December 2019.  (We still own property in Texas.) As of this posting, things here are good.  We’re both doing well. This isn’t going to be a long post…..but I did want to let anyone who visits here know that I’ve been posting things at the […]

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